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                  來(lái)源:萊實(shí)集團 時(shí)間:2023-09-29 瀏覽:1213


                  Chongqing Yongchuan High-tech Zone Phoenix Lake Automobile and Motorcycle Ecological Industrial Park has entered the comprehensive construction stage



                  In the early summer of May, at the construction site of Fenghuang Lake Automobile and Motorcycle Ecological Industrial Park in Yongchuan High-tech Zone, Chongqing, which our company undertook, machinery roared and it was a busy scene. On the huge construction site, dozens of engineering vehicles shuttled back and forth between the "prototype" steel frame structure factory buildings that had just been built, sending up billowing smoke and dust. As one of the important carriers for building a 100-billion-level automobile and motorcycle industry cluster in Yongchuan District, Chongqing, the park has officially entered the comprehensive construction stage.

                  永川高新區鳳凰湖汽摩生態(tài)產(chǎn)業(yè)園占地面積約150 畝,建筑面積約15萬(wàn)平方米。計劃建設標準廠(chǎng)房11.5萬(wàn)平方米,廠(chǎng)房為3層鋼結構,最大吊裝跨度42米,涉及大跨度吊裝、高支撐模、深基坑等危險性作業(yè)。為降低工程風(fēng)險、提高工程效率,項目引入16臺登高車(chē)替代傳統攀爬作業(yè),鋼結構最高達到300噸日吊裝量。

                  The Phoenix Lake Automobile and Motorcycle Ecological Industrial Park in Yongchuan High-tech Zone covers an area of about 150 acres and has a construction area of about 150,000m2. It is planned to build a standard factory building of 115,000m2. The factory building will be a three floors steel structure with a maximum hoisting span of 42m, involving dangerous operations such as large-span hoisting, high support formwork, and deep foundation pits. In order to reduce project risks and improve project efficiency, the project introduced 16 articulated boom lifts to replace traditional climbing operations, and the maximum daily lifting capacity of the steel structure reached 300 tons.


                  Our company follows the goal of "delivering factories in batches according to usage requirements to ensure early commissioning and early results", appoints an experienced management team, and actively mobilizes all-factor production resources such as material supply, machinery and equipment, and manpower to invest in the construction of the park.